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Who are we?

Class A car accessories workshop Ltd. is a leading company in Israel in the field of accessories and protection of luxury cars, the company has more than 20 years in the field of luxury cars in Israel.

Class A was established by Mr. Shlomi Cohen, the company’s main business is marketing and installing advanced systems for vehicles, the company’s main operation is the luxury vehicle market. The company leads the way when it comes to progress and a technology with an emphasis on service and product quality, as an integral part of work linked to Israel’s leading luxury brands, and the company meets the most stringent standards and requirements of the automotive industry.

The company believes in the idea of the – one-stop shop, as part of a desire to give customers a complete solution, the company offers a range line of products that includes: the most advanced navigation systems, backdoor media , protection and detection systems (Pointer and Ituran), communication and cellular solutions, outdoor car cosmetics, sound systems and more.

Company operations:

Class A manages multiple major operations:


Marketing and selling systems and car accessories:

Class A provides advanced solutions for the luxury cars industry, in the areas of navigation, shielding, audio, multimediaת communication, and automotive accessories.

The company is the exclusive in installing Israel of Audi brand from Champion Motors, Porsche brand (Orchid Sports Car), Ferrari and Maserati brands from Auto Italy and Aston Martin brand (Auto deal). In addition the company offers her services to other luxury brands.


Service and support:

Class Ai provides countrywide service to all its customers, support service and service in the network garages and VIP service, under the framework of service and responsibility of the importer.


Product development:

Class A aims to be the market leader in the field of development and implementation of new products for the automotive market in the country, the company has extensive technical knowledge in the field of product development in the automotive industry.


The vision:

Class A aims to be the leading Israeli company in the field of providing accessories and shielding solutions for luxury vehicles in Israel, while providing a professional service and high standards.

This, while keeping and maintaining the company values that have accompanied it since its founding:

Professionalism and integrity Service where the customer is in the center

Point of customer service at the center

 Innovation and advanced thinking

The team – the unique DNA component of the Class A


Our team:

Shlomi Cohen: Owner and Founder of the company

Herzel Ben Moshe: CEO

Kobi Saban: Technical Director and bonded manager

Solomon Ratzabi: Service and Logistics Manager

Nir Shahar: Sales and Marketing Manager

Bonnie Blank: foreman:  Petah Tikva

Pavel Shvartsman: Manager of Ferrari & Maserati installations


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