Online navigation

Class A offers its clients online navigation systems that are connected to the vehicle’s original screen and to vehicle’s original media and works by touching the vehicle’s original screen or a dedicated touchpad.

The system is available to customers of – Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, and Porsche. Through the official importer in Israel you can also install online navigation system in – a Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW, Lexus and more…


Reverse camera and road cameras the (drive record – DVR)

Class A puts a great emphasis on the subject of driver safety and comfort in the vehicle.


Mobile and communication solutions (Bluetooth hands free)

To address this issue – Class A offers a variety of reverse cameras and advanced ride recording cameras that address every customer and every vehicle model .From manufacturer compatible cameras to high class OEM camera.

At a time when the mobile phone is an integral part of our daily lives, at work and at home there is major importance to adjustment and convenient use of mobile vehicle, in order to reduce driver distraction and ensure the safety of the passengers in the vehicle. Class A offers quality solutions for vehicles that allow you to integrate your phone in a vehicle easily and more safely.


  • Original and source compatible bluetooth hands free from wide range of models
  • Dedicated mounts including the vehicle phone cradle
  • Connecting fixed charging unit to phone mounts
  • A2DP adapter is installed to listen to the sound files via bluetooth
  • Installing vehicle’s fixed phones


Parking sensors

Class A emphasizes the subject of safety and driver comfort in the vehicle. As part of providing the answer to this issue Class A offers solutions of advanced vehicle parking sensors.

  • Compatible source parking sensors – line zero
  • The level of finish as the original
  • According to the original color code of the vehicle


Rear media

Class A offers a range of multimedia in-car entertainment systems, upgrading travel experience while maintaining the safety of the passengers.

You can install a variety of media solutions such as:

  • TV tuner – digital TV tuner

Rear screens (on the headrest) ideal for children

  • Smart Media screens that include an Internet connection and full control of the screen
  • Multimedia systems include screens connected to DVD


Speed trap detector

Israel’s roads became crowded with cameras and enforcement measures in the past few years to give the driver the ability to know adjust his driving to a safer and smarter driving. In light of those measures, Class A offers a number of solutions – speed camera and speed trap detectors.

* Legal solution and confirmed by Israeli police


LED lighting

LED lighting can upgrade the visibility and overall experience in any vehicle.

Class A offers a number of solutions for experience upgrading and automotive lighting.

  • Internal LED lighting in vehicle
  • LED front light
  • Door lighting (while opening the door) includes LED LOGO – vehicle adjusted


Outdoor cosmetics for cars

Class A offers a wide range of external cosmetic additions for vehicles.

  • Darken windows with Nano technology
  • Exhaust thresholds
  • Side pavements
  • Vehicle sunshades
  • Upgrading the vehicle’s original grill


Protection and Detection Solutions

As part of being the official home installer of most luxury brands in Israel, the company specializes in the installation of detection and protection systems required for cars in Israel.

Class A is an unauthorized installer of Ituran and Pointer in Israel. The company has years of experience in installing detection and protection systems in cars.


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