We in “Class A” believe that the field of sound systems in vehicles today, is wide and complicated and requires extensive experience and professionalism. Our company works with manufacturers of sound systems in the world and the highest quality sub accessories.

From our perspective, the importance of vehicle sound system is important and central, besides of how the track or hands free call sounds, experience affects the driving, staying in vehicle and overall energy.

Also, qualitative and accurate sound maintains ear health, a very hot topic people talk about in many workshops and meetings between the companies and the world’s leading manufacturers of sound solutions for luxury vehicles.

When a customer asks for a qualitative audio level in the vehicle, we evaluate the respective sound control requirements of the vehicle and the budget, to make the best product for him.

Installations are done by professional trained installers, with extensive experience in sound systems installations.

Also, every year we go to exhibitions, meetings, conferences and workshops around the world to be the most updated and professional as possible in the field of audio systems for luxury vehicles.

We make sure to renew and refresh the products offered for sale and bring our customers the most advanced and innovative equipment that can be found in the market. Also here, the wonders of technology do not pass over and many innovations are waiting just around the corner, it is worth following and catch up on our website and social networks.


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