Fleet Management

Fleet of vehicles is a vital resource for managing your company vehicles, and also for management of vehicles in the household.

Advanced management system, allows you to generate higher compensation from any vehicle, while reducing costs over time, reducing management overhead, reducing the risk of accidents and optimum utilization of working hours.

The products are based on advanced GPS / GPRS technologies, enabling high quality tracking and broadband data transfer.

Activity focused on improving fleet operations in three areas: efficiency, control and monitoring in real-time and safety. The three of them, separately and combined, are translated into financial savings for you.

Class A currently offers advanced solutions for vehicle fleets in the field of B2C and B2B. Products are based on a mobile application with capabilities of data analysis among the world’s leaders.

  • Management history up to 60 days back
  • Routes restoration
  • Monitoring and controlling vehicle speed alerts
  • Controlling the vehicle speed through the app (alert only, do not disable)
  • Setting Polygon – licensed area, getting an alert on entry or exit from polygons


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